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Improving Your Employability At University


Prepare for your Graduate Self from Day 1

Make your time at university count from day 1 by thinking about your Graduate Self now and how to meet your goals in the future.
Stand out
All of the great experiences you have the opportunity to gain at university will give you invaluable skills and qualities to improve your employability and stand out from the crowd.

Getting a degree is a great way to improve your future employment prospects. However, it is also important to make the most of your time at university and take part in activities outside your course to improve your employability. Here are 5 things you can do to help you achieve your career goals:

  1. Join a club or society committee and gain key transferable skills

    Transferrable skills

  2. Get a part-time job or placement linked to your future career aspiration or that gives you transferable skills which you can demonstrate link to your chosen career path.
  3. Volunteer in your chosen field. Sometimes it isn't always possible to find paid word in your dream role, but there is often opportunity to volunteer which would look great on your CV. Some universities offer employability awards for students building up volunteering hours - check out what your university has to offer.

  4. Say yes

  5. Say yes! Take part in extra curricular activities on offer. You will gain valuable transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication which will help when applying for graduate roles.
  6. Make good use of your university's employability and careers team - they are there to support you in achieving your career goals. Many students don't think about contacting their careers team until later in their university journey - make the most of their support during your time at university and don't forget most universities continue to offer employment and careers support after graduation.  
  7. REFLECT! As you progress through your time at university make sure you learn from your experiences and understand the skills you have gained. This will help your understand what you have to offer to a future employer and help you apply for jobs. A great way to do this is to keep a journal and write down key experiences and skills gained. 


Boost Your Employability with tips from Felicity Becker

Why should students think about boosting their employability?

The job market is more competitive than it's ever been and there's such a large volume of graduates entering it each year - you need to stand out. Boosting your employability using the tips in this book will give you the best chance of success in your chosen career.

What's the most common mistake students make in this area?

There are two common mistakes students make when thinking about their employability. The first is starting to do something about it too late. By beginning the process of boosting your employability earlier, you'll find it to be a more positive experience and you'll get much more out of the process. The second common mistake is to think that you've got to say 'yes' to every opportunity. Some opportunities aren't worth your time or effort and this book will help you recognise which ones to take up and which to ignore.

What top tip would you give to students wanting to boost their employability?

My top tip would be to establish goals to help you focus your activities.

If you want more information on boosting your Employability, why not think about ordering Felicity Becker's book 'Boost Your Employability' here:
SQSS Employability 


Write a Brilliant CV - Sage Super Quick Skills. Author Lucinda Becker, outlines 3 key things to remember about your CV and emphasises the importance of it being targeted to ensure your CV gets you to where you want to be.
According to Lucinda there are 3 main aims of a CV:

  1. Get you to the interview
  2. Help you get a strong sense of your professional self
  3. Make you feel confident 
Why is CV writing an important skill for students to master?

The most important effect of writing a brilliant CV is that you instantly feel good about yourself; this boosts confidence and inspires ambition. A brilliant CV helps you to see how well prepared you are for your professional life and how valuable your skills will be in your chosen career.

What's the most common mistake students make in this area?

Students sometimes believe they have to include everything. A CV is a targeted sales pitch, and so it should only include material that screams 'buy me' to an employer. The format must be as brilliant as the content: easy to access, making your material look impressive and selling yourself in every line.

What top tip would you give to students wanting to improve their CV writing?

Make every line count, target every word to suit where you want to be, and get to know yourself as a professional. Once you recognise that you're valuable to an organisation, you'll be in a great place to secure the perfect career move for you.

Watch her video below to get more tips on your CV!


If you want to find out more, why not purchase a copy of the book:
SQSS Brilliant CV
Useful links 
Here are some useful links to help you start thinking about your future career:

Prospects is a website that is dedicated to careers, there are job profiles, work experience and an area to search for Graduate Jobs

SAGE Super Quick Skills is a resource of tips and information to help you develop skills which can improve your employability.

 We are excided to let you know about some brilliant opportunities for internships and jobs from our partners NatWest - see below for details:


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