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Turn a bad day into a good day

Santander 2024 (UCB)

Turn a bad day into a good day

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Secret 5 from the 7 Secrets of Great Leaders is all about understanding that we all have 'good days' and 'bad days', identify what triggers them and learn a simple method to help you reframe your thoughts and switch from being on the back foot (bad day) to being on the front foot (good day) as you claim agency and take control.

In a nutshell - 

  • It is important to remember that our emotions come from us, our brains. We choose our emotional response to a situation, even though that response might seem instantaneous and beyond our control.
  • When we respond to a negative situation, we might feel powerless or victimised, or we might feel confident that we can turn things around.
  • If we stop to reflect on our response to a negative situation, we can start to analyse and question the thinking that lies behind it.
  • The notion of being on the front foot (good day) is linked to the psychologists' term of being 'at cause' or having agency. Being on the back foot (bad day) is known as being 'at effect', indicated by a loss of agency and sense of disempowerment.
  • With practice, we can learn how to identify when we are on the back foot (bad day) and redirect our thinking

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Turn a bad day into a good day

By Lorraine Warne
Lorraine Warne is founder and CEO of Cambridge Inner Game Leadership Ltd, a specialist in online education company using Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methods to teach international students. She is a serial entrepreneur specialising in education, and has had the honour to work with many students from the University of Cambridge, as a coach and teacher trainer. She worked for over a decade as a teacher in state schools before embarking on starting her own businesses. She has also worked with leaders from Microsoft, Amazon, Google as well as smaller business in the UK. Lorraine's passion is to make a difference and the main aim of this book is to inspire future leaders to make the world of work a better place for all.

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