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Meet your Engagement Partner

Meet your Engagement Partner

Irfan Jalil


Irfan Jalil - Engagement Partner UCB Kick-Start Scheme

Irfan has worked with JS Group for almost 13 years. During that time has held various roles working his way up from the shop floor to his current role as Engagement Partner at University College Birmingham.

Irfan graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2006 with a BA and then completed an MSc at the same institution. He began his career with JS as a bookseller at Aston University. In 2016 he was awarded Academic, Professional and Specialist Bookseller of the Year whilst in his capacity as Manager of the JS bookshops at Aston University and University of Birmingham. He has also worked briefly on the Reach scheme at University of Worcester.

As Engagement Partner for UCB, Irfan brings his extensive experience of working with higher education institutions to engage students and deliver better outcomes.

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