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Reapply for your student funding now

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Reapply for your student funding now

If you are continuing on your course in the autumn, it is important you reapply for your student funding as soon as you can. Read on to find out why this is important and where to go for more advice.

When can I reapply for my funding?

The timeframes and closing dates to reapply vary depending on where in the UK you normally live (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales). While this can make it all a bit confusing, the main thing is to apply as soon as you can. We have included the relevant links below.

It is highly likely you have now missed the published deadline to reapply, but don't panic.  These deadlines are not actually real and student finance will continue to accept and process applications in the coming months as lots of students miss the advertised deadline for a number of reasons.  However, while your application will still be processed, you are not guaranteed your money for the start of term and will need to think about how you will manage until your funding comes through.  Speak to an adviser in your university or college if you are worried about how you will manage.

I have been waiting for my exam results before I reapplied.  Have I left it too late?

You have missed the published deadline but its not too late to reapply.  Get your application in as soon as you can. If you have been waiting to reapply as you think you may need to take time out of your course, then speak to someone in your university.

My situation has changed since last time I applied, what should I do?

Like everything in life, lots of things can change in a year and in most cases, you can change and update your application when you reapply and even after submitting it. For example, if you have moved out of your parental home or now only live with one parent, this can be captured on the application form. If you are unsure of anything, then speak to someone in your university rather than waiting any longer.

Where to go for help.

Student funding can be quite complex, and everyone's situation is different.All institutions will have advice teams that can offer confidential support and advice about all aspects of your studies including your money. If you are not sure what to do or are concerned about your money, then get in touch with them.You should be able to find their details on your university website or ask your tutor or student union.


Gov UK - Student Finance Register
If you normally live in England.

Student Finance Register - Northern Ireland
If you normally live in Northern Ireland.

Student Finance - Scotland
If you normally live in Scotland.

Student Finance Register - Wales
If you normally live in Wales.

By Lynne Condell - Student Money Advice Specialist

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